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Expanding business opportunities through strategy and our expertise
We take care of our employees and your products
years in mobile development
Top 15
mobile developers of the world
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Helped launch > 30 products
// fashion retailer
Intelligent trading floor Consultant platform
// A chain of stores for moms and toddlers
The mobile application was created based on their own experience, after piloting at one point of the retailer, changes were made taking into account the specifics of the client's work
// Bim
Integration with the existing 3D visualization system of the building, calculation and display of collisions on the building model
// Mobile Farm
x5 Mobile Testing Farm
// global lab
International portal for teachers and students
// egais
Automation of alcoholic and veterinary products, a framework for generating product data has been developed
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What are we particularly good at
// 001. quality gates
</a> ops
find a back office { Xas, monthly payments }
  • Dev-Ops
  • IT-Ops
  • Test-Ops
  • functional testing
  • automated testing
  • load testing
  • integration testing
  • security testing
// 002. IT consult
</a> know
antara shares expertise, conducts audits, advises and does not bear any responsibility for the successes or failures of the client, one-time consultations, pay-by-deal
  • IT audit
  • performance optimization
  • security audit
// 003. TaaS
testing as a service
  • functional testing
  • automated testing
  • load testing
  • integration testing
  • security testing
// 004. Software development
  • import substitution
  • turnkey development
// 005. IT tinder
perfect match (company + candidate = <3)
  • outsourcing
  • outstaffing
// 006. Learning and internship
to grow or not to grow
  • testgrow { online testing school }
  • QA bootcamp { internship for testers, qa = quality assurance }
  • dev bootcamp { internship for developers }
// 007. Turnkey solutions
</a> as a product
boxed solutions for corporations
  • mobile farm
for industries
Zero Sprint
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Conceptual solutions
mobile banking
family banking
corporate app
HR app
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