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Intelligent Trading Floor Consultant Platform
Mobile development
// Task
  • Provide information about available products (availability, sizes, colors) to the consultant in the hall
  • To make it possible to form the delivery and delivery of goods from local and remote warehouses
  • Make a through basket within the entire trading floor. Implement the ability to accept payments (cards, gift certificates and loyalty cards) on the spot, bypassing the cash register
  • Provide the consultant with the opportunity to receive information about current promotions and special offers
  • Implement a recommendation system for the selection of products of analogues, complementary products for the current customer being served
  • Implement a mass product recommendation system and integrate it with a mailing system to increase the average user's account
// design
The mobile application was created with the customer. To test the UI/UX, we went out into the field and stood in the hall
// integration
  • We have made friends with the balance management system and the mobile app
  • We have developed an intelligent platform for creating recommendations in the context of the client's profile, current promotions and the task of the retailer (to free up balances, increase the average check, increase attendance)
  • We implemented integration with a fiscal printer and a mobile POS terminal to comply with the 53FZ and conduct banking transactions on site, without visiting the cash register
// Result
Accelerated customer service, increased cross-sales
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