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Applications for automating food technology tasks
We will create an individual solution that will automate up to 90% of the processes. We rely on our best practices and experience of leading companies in the field of food technology
What tasks will we solve for the client application
Based on CusDev and COM workshop, we implement the most convenient flow of the order for the client in the application.
Based on CusDev and COM workshop, we implement the most convenient flow of the order for the client in the application.
What tasks will we solve to optimize internal processes
/ 01. We will reduce the logistics costs of the courier service to 30%
Let's create an application to automate the work of couriers or drivers.
/ 02. We will replace all paper processes with digital ones
Let's combine all the processes in one planning and analytics tool. The system automates the setting and monitoring of routine or one-time tasks for restaurant employees and management.
/ 03. We will implement a 360 restaurant performance assessment system
We integrate the service with R-Keeper and IIKO. We analyze all transactions in real time.
/ 04. We realize the ability to control the situation 24 \7
We will develop dashboards to analyze the situation in restaurants in terms of revenue, dishes, service speed and loading.
/ 05. We will help to optimize the work of employees
We automate the process of scheduling employees, taking into account the planned revenue figures and the actual workload of the restaurant by the hour. This will make it possible to save up to 10 hours of the manager's working time each week.
How are we going to do this?
/ Preparation
Let's get together and decide which 20% of the solutions will bring 80% success to your business.
We will explore the audience and conduct a JTBD interview.
Let's build an employee's path in the company.
Let's sketch a rough UX/UI that will take into account all possible user scenarios, including negative ones.
/ Research
We will conduct UX tests and study user analytics.
We'll find the bottle necks and figure out how to digitize and integrate them.
/ Development
Let's create an effective UX/UI based on insights.
We will develop native applications on Swift and Kotlin or a cross-platform application on Flutter.
/ Integration
We integrate all backend systems into one API for web and mobile applications.
Let's set up user analytics.
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