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Creating a customer journey map in 5 days
The </Antara> team worked on creating custom maps for various customers from different fields, such as stores, streaming services and telemedicine applications.
We understand the specifics of different audiences and know what to pay attention to in order to create a user-friendly and understandable digital product.
CJM helps
// 001. Identify user needs
We find out why people will come to the app and why they will stay there. What kind of pain the user closes the application and what needs it solves.
// 002. Explore the user's path in the product
We analyze the psycho-emotional state, a-ha moments, barriers that arise during interaction with the product.
// 003. Create a user-friendly product
We aim to increase customer retention and increase average revenue per user.
// 004. Synchronize teams
On the one hand, we bring together specialists with different levels of involvement in the product to discuss the current situation and strategy for the future. On the other hand, we coordinate the client's and </Antara> teams to form a unified project team.
// 005. Optimize project costs
We exclude unnecessary functions. We allocate part of the MVP and distribute the rest of the functions to the following product versions.
CJM is needed when
It is necessary to determine the most important and priority functions based on the wishes of the internal team in order to develop a large-scale product concept
It is necessary to reach agreement on the characteristics and direction of product development, as there is currently no consensus on this issue.
We have an existing solution, and we need to identify bottlenecks in order to improve it.
How is the research going?
up to 5 consecutive business days
// Deadlines
The study includes several stages: preliminary preparation, conducting a workshop with the client's team, analyzing the results, developing a user path map, creating a functionality table with function versions, presenting the findings and transferring materials to the customer.
joint moderated brainstorm
// Workshop format
You can consider the possibility of holding an event in a remote format, but the best result and a greater degree of involvement are achieved when conducting the workshop in person. Most often this happens on the customer's premises. It is also possible in our office.
from 2 to 6 people
// Customer's team
Product managers, representatives of analytics, design, development, marketing, and any departments needed at the meeting. { situationally }
from 3 to 5 people
// Team </Antara>
Strategist, art director, designer, researcher, analyst, PM. Situationally we connect other competencies.
How is the workshop going?
The first slot (3 hours)
Day I { 1 }
  • We discuss the current state of affairs in this area and a specific product, consider the characteristics, and divide the audience into groups.
  • We study the actions of users from the main segment and identify places where they can interact with the product.
  • We explain what will make a person use the application and why they will continue to use it.
The second slot (3 hours)
Day I { 2 }
  • We save the user's route and evaluate the importance of each stage in the process.
  • We analyze the psychoemotional state of the user at each stage, identify the key moments when an epiphany occurs and the user realizes the value of the product, making a decision to continue its constant use.
  • We explore potential obstacles and challenges, as well as identify a variety of solutions at various levels, including UI/UX and positioning.
3-4 days
Processing the results
  • We make up a table that shows the overall result of the first day.
  • It usually takes about 3-4 days for the </Antara> team to process the collected data, fill in the blanks and create a complete table with a map of the user's path.
  • We analyze the user's path map and compile a table with the functionality that will be included in different versions of the product. At this stage, we are highlighting the most important part of the functionality that will be included in the MVP.
  • Some of the ideas that arise in the process can be included in the product's strategic development plans.
2-4 hours
Presentation of the results
  • We present the user with a path map, where we explain its structure, check the identified obstacles and offer ideas for their elimination, as well as share additional obstacles and ideas that our team discovered during the preparation of the table.
  • We present a table that shows the functionality, discuss the distribution of these functions by version and make the necessary changes.
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