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x5 Mobile Testing Farm
Mobile testing
Mobile development
// Task
  • Reduce the cost of buying mobile devices
  • Centralize resource management for mobile testing
  • Provide a single interface for running tests on devices, emulators and simulators
Plugins for the gradle build system have also been developed. Libraries for languages such as Java, JavaScript, and Python have been developed for use with the Appium and Selenium frameworks
// design
The system is built taking into account the use of plug-ins embedded in the IDE { Android Studio and xCode }
  • Store the launch history and enable comparison of launch results from release to release
// Integration
  • Befriended the system with remote Android devices using a usb over ip hub
  • We taught you how to scale android emulators in the kubernetes cluster
  • Automated the creation of simulators in mac os and polling of connected iOS devices
// Результат
Обеспечен централизованный учет реальных устройств, оптимизированы расходы на инфраструктуру для тестирования на симуляторах и эмуляторах
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