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The mobile application of the sales floor consultant
Mobile development
// Task
  • Provide information about available products (availability, sizes, colors) to the consultant in the hall
  • To make it possible to form the delivery and delivery of goods from local and remote warehouses
  • Inform the consultant about the readiness of the order through notification in the mobile application
  • Make an end-to-end shopping cart within the entire trading floor
// design
The mobile application was created based on their own experience, after piloting at one point of the retailer, changes were made taking into account the specifics of the client's work
// integration
  • We have made friends with the balance management system and the cash register with a mobile app
  • We have created a mechanism for notifying the readiness of goods for removal to the trading floor in accordance with the requirements of the consultant
// Result
Accelerated customer service, increased sales through the delivery of missing goods from other points of sale where they are available
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